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3 Best exercises to burn calories in your 40s

When looking to burn as many calories as possible in one exercise, you need to use the big muscle groups to burn the most energy.

  1. Squats:

Begin with your feet positioned slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing outward at a comfortable angle. Keep in mind that this precise stance may vary from person to person, so if you need to adjust your position slightly inward or outward, don't worry. The key is to ensure you can stand and move comfortably without compromising your balance.

Weight loss squats

Brace your upper body keeping your chest up and proud, and start bending at the hips 1 millisecond before the knees. Squat only as deep as feels comfortable until you get used to the exercise.

Squats use the largest muscles in the human body (quads and glutes) so burn a lot of calories and are very important for all movement based activities, which is important to maintain through your 40s and beyond

  1. Rows:

This exercise uses the large muscles in the upper back to burn calories.

Place one hand on a chair and the opposite foot back, your hand and feet should make 3 points of a triangle for a strong base. You can now row a heavy object like a bottle of water or any weights you have with your free hand. This exercise is great if you have any injuries in the knees, lower body or lack the balance for squats. (or maybe you did lots of squats yesterday and need to give them a rest).

  1. Rucking

Most of us have to do a lot of walking in our daily lives, whether it is around a shopping mall or with the dog, so there must be a way of making it more effective for weight loss right?

Rucking is simply wearing a rucksack while walking. There are varying degrees of Rucking like its use in the military but keeping it simple and light can be super effective for increasing your daily calorie burn. When comparing an walking and rucking a 155lb person can burn an extra 100-150kcals in an hour, just doing your daily walk. If you increase the weight or walk at a faster pace during rucking, you can burn even more calories.

This exercise uses your whole body at a low intensity, burning lots of energy. this is great to do in your 40s because you don't need to find time to include more exercise and it is lower impact than jogging without the need to buy an expensive bike.

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